People say talk is cheap and in trading, this is definitely true to some extent. Words mean nothing. Actions mean everything.

Trading Psychology Quote #1: “Why do you think unsuccessful traders are obsessed with market analysis? They crave the sense of certainty that analysis appears to give them. Although few would admit it, the truth is that the typical trader wants to be right on every single trade. He is desperately trying to create certainty where it just doesn’t exist.” – Mark Douglas

Trading is all about controlling your emotions and risk management. Don’t expect to be right on every single trade – even professional traders aren’t.

Trading Psychology Quote #2:”Money is just something you need in case you do not die tomorrow. Let this is a reminder for you not to obsess over profits and losses. In whatever you do, strive for enjoyment, focus, contentment, humility, openness… Paradoxically (and as an unintended consequence) your trading performance will improve significantly.” – Yvan Byeajee